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The Rainbow Litter
whelped January 16, 2008
5 males, 2 females

Jonah standing

Sire: CH Allstar's E Ke Onaona  "Jonah" 
(CHIC #40289)
Hips: Good (BT-4779G30M-PI)
Elbows: Normal (BT-EL207
Eyes: Normal (BT-EYE182/107M-VPI)
Thyroid: Normal (BT-TH326/30M-PI)
Epilepsy Free

Reggie Best of Breed

Dam: CH  Monami Snowflower Regenboog CD RE HSAs AX AXJ C-BAR  "Reggie
(CHIC #41354)
Hips: Excellent (BT-4680E32F-PI)
Elbows: Normal (BT-EL1980F32-PI)
Eyes: Normal (BT-3266)
Thyroid: Equivocal
Cardiac: Normal (BT-CA114/14F/S-PI)
Epilepsy Free

Reggie with Rainbow litter pups
GCH Vivant et Lisse Lemon Lime UDX OM1 GN GO RE VER CA TKI
"Sprite" owned by Jo Fain
Sprite headshot
Sprite gaiting

CHIC #63045,  DNA profile completed through Embark 

Epilepsy Free
OFA Hips BT-5290E24F-VPI, Elbows BT-EL2540F24-VPI, Eyes BT-EYE791/111F-VPI, Thyroid BT-TH497/24F-VPI,
Dentition BT-DE87/117F-VPI, Cardiac BT-CA212/24F/C-VPI
Offspring: "Soda Pop" litter, "Musical Instruments" litter, "Blessings" litter, "Legacy" litter

BIS GCH Vivant et Lisse Sage CDX RE 
"Sage" owned by Alexis Megeath & Steven Bannick
Sage headshot
Sage Best in Show

CHIC #63603, DNA profile completed through Embark

Epilepsy Free
OFA Hips BT-5300E24M-VPI, Elbows BT-EL2552M24-VPI, Eyes BT-EYE526/88M-VPI, Thyroid BT-TH492/88M-VPI
frozen semen available for approved bitches

passed away December 2022 (old age)

CH Vivant et Lisse Steel Blue CDX RN CGC
"Steeler" owned by Gail Deuel & Jo Fain
Steeler headshot
Steeler obedience CD

Epilepsy Free
OFA Hips BT-5279E24M-VPI, Elbows BT-2532M24-VPI, Eyes BT-EYE210/71M-VPI
frozen semen available for approved bitches

passed away June 2021 (stroke-like symptoms)

CH Vivant et Lisse MonAmi Pink Paisley
"Paisley" owned by Julie Gardner & Sandi Weldon
Paisley headshot
Paisley standing

Epilepsy Free
OFA Hips BT-6164G88F-VPI, Elbows BT-3359F88-VPI

Offspring: Coeur de Garde's "Princess" litter

CH Vivant et Lisse Copper CA
"Copper" owned by Cassandra & Dennis Skinner
Copper headshot
Copper standing

Epilepsy Free
OFA Hips BT-5592E44M-VPI, Elbows BT-EL2822M44-VPI, Eyes BT-EYE817/47M-VPI

passed away July 2017 (hemangiosarcoma)

Vivant et Lisse Indigo Strider
"Strider" owned by John & Jena Shimkus
strider headshot
strider laying in grass

Epilepsy Free
OFA Hips BT-5420E32M-VPI, Elbows BT-EL2659M32-VPI, Eyes CERF BT-3865/14-2009, Cardiac BT-CA191/13M/C-VPI

passed away September 2018 (adenocarcinoma in stomach and esophagus)

Vivant et Lisse Sky Blue Orion
"Orion" owned by Toni Ganes

Epilepsy Free
OFA Hips BT-5418E31M, Elbows BT-EL2657M31, Eyes CERF BT-4110/32-10

passed away January 2019 (stomach tumor)

Pedigree for Jonah x Reggie Puppies

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