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Plans are in the works for a fall 2024 litter.

Thanks for dropping by. Feel free to fill out the contact form, and I will email an application to you. The better I can get a feel for your situation, lifestyle and expectations, the better I will be able to make sure that your puppy is the very best choice for you and your family.  This will also give you a chance to ask me any questions you have. 


Litters are whelped and raised in a highly enriched environment using Early Neurological StimulationEarly Scent Introduction, the Puppy Culture protocol, and over 40 years personal experience as a breeder and dog trainer.  I follow Dr. Dodds' vaccination schedule so puppies will have a vet checkup and a distemper/parvo vaccine prior to going to their new homes, maybe more, depending upon what age they leave here.


As a breeder, I want to be a lifelong resource for my puppy people.  It is important to my breeding program to remain aware of the experiences and health of any Vivant et Lisse puppy.   I ask that all of my puppy buyers follow up with health clearances recommended by our breed club--currently OFA hips, elbows, thyroid, and eyes.  Also, I am interested in hearing how your puppy is doing and celebrating your successes with you, and I am available to talk through any questions or challenges that you run into along the way.  

Past Litters

January 2008 - Rainbow litter  (Allstar's E Ke Onaona "Jonah" x Snowflower MonAmi Regenboog "Reggie")

August 2011 - Dance litter  (Monarch Savanna Dance "Cody" x Snowflower MonAmi Regenboog "Reggie")

December 2012 - Soda Pop litter  (Zephyr Wizard Of Odds "Sage" x Vivant et Lisse Lemon Lime "Sprite")

August 2014 - Musical Instruments litter  (Savanna MonAmi The River "Adam" x Vivant et Lisse Lemon Lime "Sprite")

November 2015 - Blessings litter  (Savanna MonAmi The River "Adam" x Vivant et Lisse Lemon Lime "Sprite")

March 2017 - Classic Musicals litter  (Bijou Luisant Jumeau "Lincoln" x Vivant et Lisse Mazurka "Maizie")

November 2017 - Legacy litter  (Camarade's Feral Falcon "Tapac" x Vivant et Lisse Lemon Lime "Sprite")

May 2021 - Copper and Gold litter  (Vivant et Lisse Shine On Harvest Moon "Shine" x Vivant et Lisse River Of Blessings "River")

May 2021 - Board Games litter  (Beowulf's Card Shark "Teller" x Vivant et Lisse Singing in the Rain "Reyna")

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