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The Legacy Litter
whelped November 29, 2017
3 females

Tapac standing

Sire: CH Camarade Feral Falcon CD BN RE CGCA TKN  "Tapac" 
(CHIC #115662)
Hips: Excellent (BT-6341E56M-VPI)
Elbows: Normal (BT-EL3520M56-VPI)
Eyes: Normal (BT-EYE375/84M-VPI)
Thyroid: Normal (BT-TH908/56M-VPI)
Epilepsy Free

Sprite standing

Dam: GCH Vivant et Lisse Lemon Lime UDX OM1 GN GO RE VER CA TKI  "Sprite" 
(CHIC #63045)
Hips: Excellent (BT-5290E24F-VPI)
Elbows: Normal (BT-EL2540F24-VPI)
Eyes: Normal (BT-EYE791/111F-VPI)
Thyroid: Normal (BT-TH497/24F-VPI)
Cardiac: Normal (BT-CA212/24F/C-VPI)
Dentition: Full (BT-DE87/117F-VPI)
Epilepsy Free
DNA analysis through Embark

Sprite with Legacy Litter puppies
CH Vivant et Lisse Legacy's Timeless Current CD BN RA SWE SCM SHDN RATO CGC TKI NW2
"Ripple" owned by Jo Fain
Ripple sitting.JPG
Ripple new CH.jpg

CHIC #154230, DNA profile completed through Embark

Epilepsy Free
OFA Hips BT-6965E36F-VPI, Elbows BT-EL411536-VPI, Eyes BT-EYE1188/36F-VPI, Thyroid BT-TH1174/34F-VPI, Cardiac BT-BCA1/34F/C-VPI

Vivant et Lisse Legacy's Lexicon
"Lexi" owned by Brook Putnam
Lexi headshot
Lexi laying

Epilepsy Free

Vivant et Lisse Legacy's Winds of Time
"Kalani" owned by JP & Sharon Meglathery
Kalani headshot
Kalani sitting

Epilepsy Free

Pedigree for Tapac x Sprite Puppies

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