News Flash!!!

July 2020 
     *Shine (Classic Musicals) finished his NA agility title and earned a leg toward the NAJ title.

June 2020 
     *Shine (Classic Musicals) earned a leg toward an SHDN handler discrimination title, as well as legs toward the SCN, SIN, SBN, and SEN scent work titles.

May 2020
     *Shine (Classic Musicals) earned his TKA trick dog title.

March 2020
   *Mai (Dance Litter) earned points toward a nosework ELT-CH title.
     *Sparkle (Soda Pop) finished her SCE scent work title.
     *River (Blessings Litter) finished her CD obedience title and earned a leg toward an RI rally title.
     *Victor (Blessings Litter) finished his MJPB agility title.
     *Shine (Classic Musicals) finished his NFP agility title.

February 2020
     *Cimer (Musical Instruments) earned a leg toward a PJD agility title.
     *Finn (Blessings Litter) earned points toward a DCAT coursing ability title and a point toward a grand championship.  He also finished his CZ8P2S  and RATCHX4 barn hunt titles with high in class and finished his RA rally title.
     *River (Blessings Litter) earned two legs toward a CD obedience title and a leg toward an RI rally title.
     *Victor (Blessings Litter) completed his MXPB agility title.  He also earned a QQ toward a PACH agility title and legs toward the PJDP and PADP titles.
     *Cash (Sonata Show Tunes) finished his RATM barn hunt title with high in class.  He also earned a leg toward a RATCH and legs toward the SCA, SEA, and SBA scent work titles.
     *Ripple (Legacy Litter) finished her SEN, SWN, SCA, SIA, and SBA scent work titles with high in class and earned legs toward the SCAE and SEA scent work titles.

January 2020
     *Sparkle (Soda Pop) finished her SEA, SBA, and SWA scent work titles and earned legs toward the SCE and SIE titles. She also finished her NJP and NFP agility titles and earned points toward a DCAT coursing ability title.
     *Cimer (Musical Instruments) earned a leg toward an MJ2 agility title.
     *Finn (Blessings Litter) finished his BCAT coursing ability title.
     *Victor (Blessings Litter) won points toward a grand championship.
     *Shine (Classic Musicals) finished his conformation championship.      

I began in Belgian Tervuren in the early 1970's, when there were only a few in Arizona.

We obtained a female puppy and she became the love of my life and very soon,  I became hooked on obedience training, showing in conformation and the whole dog show atmosphere. I loved the look of the breed and what they had to offer.

As time went on, we acquired more and more dogs and became very interested in this beautiful and versatile breed and met so many wonderful people along the way.

I believe that the Belgian Tervuren has the ability to do  whatever you want them to do. They have an inherent desire to work with their humans; they like to stay busy and also enjoy learning.

As the years have passed, I've noticed some changes in our breed - some exciting and some that concern me. Our breed standard calls for a moderate dog, and many of the more European dogs are showing up with extreme heads that sometimes are quite lovely; however the part that really bothers me the most is the structure and what is lost when you move away from moderate to extreme. I always keep in mind that if the BT cannot herd sheep all day long, then it is not put together properly.

It is of utmost importance to me to keep Form & Function at the forefront of my breeding program, so my goals are to produce healthy Belgian Tervuren who are structurally sound, could do the work they were intended to do if asked, and to have sound temperaments so that they can move around in public places with the confidence of an animal who is aware of his surroundings, but not over vigilant to the extent that they draw attention to themselves.

Jo Fain

Phoenix, AZ