Litters are whelped and raised in a highly enriched environment using Puppy Culture and over 35 years personal experience as a breeder and dog trainer.

Weeks 1-2
During the first couple weeks, puppies are in the whelping box in the bedroom and are exposed to 
Early Neurological Stimulation and Early Scent Introduction.  Click the links to find out more about how these early experiences benefit the puppy later in life.

Weeks 3-4
Puppies are moved out of the whelping box and into a main living area of the house, where they are introduced to household sounds and activities, as well as house dogs and the cat. During this time, they interact with new objects each day and are given different surfaces to walk on and explore.  They also begin potty training and get their first bath.   In week 4, they begin exploring the outside puppy yard.

Weeks 5-6
Puppies get lots of visits from people of various ages.  They also get to explore new areas of the yard and house where they can continue to experience new sounds and terrain and interact with new objects.  During this time, they are given lots of opportunity to problem solve.  They are also introduced to open crates and nail grinding with a puppy dremel tool.

Weeks 7-8
Through imprinting and a puppy party, pups get to explore agility equipment, including tunnels, low dog walks, and jump stanchions.  They are also introduced to obedience equipment and ring gating.  Puppies begin their training with leashes and collars and take outings to new places, as well as getting individual time away from their littermates.